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Current Fact Sheet

Current Fact Sheet

April 2014
Volume 4 Issue 7

  • Brief Alcohol Counseling
  • VA Initiative Reduces Opioid Use

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Quarterly Newsletter - 'The Rural Connection'

Current Newsletter

Current Newsletter

December 2013
Volume 4 Issue 1

  • Exchanging Health Information, Educating Rural Providers, and Improving Care for Rural Veterans

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Resource Center Issue Briefs

Fall 2013

Issue Brief #1
Improving Access to Specialized Care: The Telehealth Kidney Transplant Clinic at the Iowa City VAMC
Kalil, R., Thomas, C., Winetroub, C., Abel, S.

Summer 2013

Issue Brief #3 
Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Health Program Overview: Lessons Learned
Bennett, J., Byrne, C., Roling, L.

Issue Brief #2
A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Depression and Disease Management Program Delivered by Telephone
Aburizik, A., Dindo, L., Kaboli, P. J., Charlton, M. E., Turvey, C.

Issue Brief #1
Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing Practices in Rural Elder Veterans
Lund, B. C., Kaboli, P. J.

Spring 2013

Issue Brief #4
Mixed-methods Evaluation of a Telehealth Collaborative Care Program for Persons with HIV Infection in Rural Settings
Ohl, M., Dillon, D., Moeckli, J., Ono, S., Waterbury, N., Sissel, J., Yin, J., Neil, B., Wakefield, B., Kaboli, P.

Issue Brief #3
The Lodge Project: A Permanent Housing Model for Homeless Veterans
Cretzmeyer, M., Bermingham, C., Moeckli, J., Liu, W. M.

Issue Brief #2
Improving Accessibility: VISN 11 Mobile Prosthetics Van Program
DeLoof, S., Bravo, G., Howard, E., Rilenge, M.

Issue Brief #1
Unique Factors Rural VA Hospitals Face in Implementing Healthcare-associated Infection Prevention Initiatives
Harrod, M., Manojlovich, M. Kowalski, C. P., Saint, S., Krein, S. L.

Winter 2012

Issue Brief #2
Transfer of Information from Personal Health Records: A Survey of Veterans Using My HealtheVet
Turvey, C. L., Zulman, D. M., Nazi, K. M., Wakefield, B. J., Woods, S. S., Hogan, T. P., Weaver, F. M., McInnes, K.

Issue Brief #1 
Antiretroviral Adherence Among Rural Compared to Urban Veterans with HIV Infection in the United States
Ohl, M., Perencevich, E. McInnes, K., Kim, N., Rimland, D., Akgun, K., Fiellin, D., Skanderson, M., Wang, K., Justice, A.

Fall 2012

Issue Brief #4
Geographic Isolation Shows Higher Risk for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary-Disease Related Mortality: A Cohort Study
Abrams, T. E., Vaughan-Sarrazin, M., Fan, V. S., Kaboli, P. J.

Issue Brief #3
My HealtheVet Users: Preliminary Evidence on Rural Reach and Usage
Woods, S., Nazi, K., Weaver, F., Turvey, C.

Issue Brief #2
Effects of Rural Residence on VA Care of Persons Living with HIV
Rural Residence and Adoption of a Novel HIV Therapy in a National, Equal-access Healthcare System
Ohl, M.E., Lund, B., Belperio, P., Goetz, M., Rimland, D., Richardson, K., Justice, A., Perencevich, E., Vaughn-Sarrazin, M.
Rural Residence is Associated with Delayed Care Entry and Increased Mortality Among Veterans with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
Ohl, M., Tate, J., Duggal, D., Skanderson, M., Scotch, M., Kaboli, P., Vaughn-Sarrazin, M., Justice, A.

Issue Brief #1
Accurate and Timely Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in Veterans Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan
Borchardt, S., Klug, M. G.

Summer 2012

Issue Brief #1
VISN 16: Developing a VA/Clergy Partnership to Increase Access to Mental Health Services among Rural Veterans
Sullivan, S., Sullivan, G.

Spring 2012

Issue Brief #3
Rural Veterans’ Use of CBOCs for Primary Care: FY07
Mengeling, M. A., Charlton, M.

Winter 2011

Issue Brief #9
A Mixed-Method Evaluation of Challenges and Opportunities in the Care of Rural Veterans in VISN 23
Buzza, C., Ono, S., Wittrock, S., Noble, M., Reddy, G., Kaboli, P. J., Reisinger, H. S.

Issue Brief #7
Electronic Health Information Exchange Between VHA System and Private Providers
Mueller, K. J., Lampman, M.

Issue Brief #6
Impact of Tele-ICU Coverage on Patient Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Young, L. B., Chan, P. S., Lu, X., Nallamothu, B. K., Sasson, C., Cram, P.

Issue Brief #5
Expanding Audiology Services to CBOCs: Bringing Care Closer to Veterans
Barrett, D., Dziak, K., Kaboli, P.

Issue Brief #4
VAMC Facility Rurality: Comparison of Three Classification Approaches
Kaboli, P. J., Glasgow, J. M.

Issue Brief #3
Mortality and Revascularization Following Admission for AMI: Implications for Rural Veterans
Abrams, T. E., Vaughn-Sarrazin, M., Kaboli, P. J.

Issue Brief #2
Tobacco Use Among Rural Veterans
Vander Weg, M., Cunningham, C.

Issue Brief #1
Veterans’ Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Exposure
Vander Weg, M., Cunningham, C.

Spring 2011

Issue Brief #7
Veterans Evaluate Telehealth MOVE! VISN 12’s Clinical Video Telehealth Initiative
Klobucar, T. F., Wittrock, S., Hughes, I.

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Project Summary Briefs

VISN 23: Rural Healthcare Provider Retention Strategies
Linda R. Blake, MBA, Mary Charlton, PhD, Russel Peal, Jose Ramos, PhD, Peter Kaboli, MD, MS

Tele-ICU Implementation in VISN 23: Lessons Learned for VA's Rural Hospitals
Jane Moeckli, PhD; Heather Schacht Reisinger, PhD; Cassie Cunningham, MPH; Robert S. Bonello, MD; Kay L. Clutter, RN, PhD; Peter Cram, MD, MBA

VISN 12: Expanding Audiology Services into Rural Outpatient Clinics
Jeffrey L. Evanson, Kristin J. Valest, MS, PT

VISN 12: Establishing an Outreach Clinic to Serve Rural Veterans
Larry Heers, BA, Health Systems Specialist

VISN 15: Providing Sleep Lab Services to Rural Veterans
Melinda Young, BSN, RN, John J. Pershing, VAMC Off-Station Facilitator, Kevin Lovette, MSN, RN, VISN 15 Rural Consultant

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Journal Articles

Mixed-methods evaluation of a telehealth collaborative care program for persons with HIV infection in a rural setting
September 2013
Ohl, M., Dillon, D., Moeckli, J., Ono, S., Waterbury, N., Sissel, J., Yin, J., Neil, B., Wakefield, B., Kaboli, P.

Regional differences in prescribing quality among elder veterans and the impact of rural residence
Spring 2013
Lund BC, Charlton ME, Steinman MA, Kaboli PJ

The Use of Collaboration Science to Define Consensus Outcome Measures: A Telemental Health Case Study
April 2013
Matthew C. Mishkind, PhD, Charles R. Doarn, MBA, Jordana Bernard, MBA, and Jay H. Shore, MD, MPH

Provider Barriers to Telemental Health: Obstacles Overcome, Obstacles Remaining
April 2013
Elizabeth Brooks, PhD, Carolyn Turvey, PhD, and Eugene F. Augusterfer, LCSW

Antiretroviral adherence among rural compared to urban veterans with HIV infection in the United States
January 2013
Ohl, M. E., Perencevich, E., McInnes, D. K., Kim, N., Rimland, D., Akgun, K., Fiellin, D. A., Skanderson, M., Wang, K., Justice, A.

A Population Approach to Mitigating the Long-Term Health Effects of Combat Deployments
September 2012
Heather Schacht Reisinger, PhD; Stephen C. Hunt, MD, MPH; A. Lucile Burgo-Black, MD; Madhulika A. Agarwal, MD, MPH

Use and Quality of Care at a VA Outreach Clinic in Northern Maine
July 2012
Lee PW, Markle PS, West AN, Lee RE

Alabama Veterans Rural Health Initiative: A Preliminary Evaluation of Unmet Health Care Needs
Lori L. Davis, Stefan G. Kertesz, Ann F. Mahaney-Price, Michelle Y. Martin, Kroshona D. Tabb, Kristin M. Pettey, Sandre F. McNeal, U. Shanette Granstaff, Karl Hamner, M. Paige Powell, Michelle M. Hilgeman, A. Lynn Snow, Marietta Stanton, Patricia Parmelee, Mark S. Litaker, and Mary T. Hawn

The cost-effectiveness of telestroke in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke
October 2011
R.E. Nelson, PhD; G.M. Saltzman, PhD; E.J. Skalabrin, MD; B.M. Demaerschalk, MD, MSc, FRCP(C);
J.J. Majersik, MD, MS

Improving Access to VA Care
November 2011
John Fortney, PhD; Peter Kaboli, MD; Seth Eisen, MD, MSc

A Re-conceptualization of Access for 21st Century Healthcare
November 2011
John C. Fortney, PhD; James F. Burgess, Jr., PhD; Hayden B. Bosworth, PhD; Brenda M. Booth, PhD; Peter J. Kaboli, MD

Distance is Relative: Unpacking a Principal Barrier in Rural Healthcare
November 2011
Colin Buzza, MSc; Sarah S. Ono, PhD; Carolyn Turvey, PhD; Stacy Wittrock, MA; Matt Noble, MPH; Gautam Reddy, MPH; Peter J. Kaboli, MD, MS; Heather Schacht Reisinger, PhD

Defining Core Issues in Utilizing Information Technology to Improve Access: Evaluation and Research Agenda
November 2011
George L. Jackson, PhD, MHA; Sarah L. Krein, PhD, RN; Dale C. Alverson, MD; Adam W. Darkins, MD, MPH; William Gunnar, MD, JD; Nancy D. Harada, PhD, PT; Christian D. Helfrich, PhD, MPH; Thomas K. Houston, MD, MPH; Thomas F. Klobucar, PhD; Kim M. Nazi, PhD; Ronald K. Poropatich, MD; James D. Ralston, MD, MPH;
Hayden B. Bosworth, PhD

Promoting Access Through Complementary eHealth Technologies: Recommendations for VA’s Home Telehealth and Personal Health Record Programs
November 2011
Timothy P. Hogan, PhD; Bonnie Wakefield, PhD, RN; Kim M. Nazi, MA; Thomas K. Houston, MD, MPH;
Frances M. Weaver, PhD

VA Community Mental Health Service Providers’ Utilization of and Attitudes Toward Telemental Health Care: The Gatekeeper’s Perspective
Winter 2011
John Paul Jameson; PhD; Mary Sue Farmer; PhD; Katharine J. Head; MA; John Fortney; PhD; Cayla R. Teal; PhD

Partnering With Communities to Address the Mental Health Needs of Rural Veterans
Winter 2011
JoAnn E. Kirchner, MD; Mary Sue Farmer, MS, PhDc; Valorie M. Shue, BA; Dean Blevins, PhD; Greer Sullivan, MD

Rural Residence Is Associated With Delayed Care Entry and Increased Mortality Among Veterans With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
December 2010
Michael Ohl, MD, MSPH; Janet Tate, MPH; Mona Duggal, MD, MHS; Melissa Skanderson, MSW; Matthew Scotch, PhD, MPH; Peter Kaboli, MD, MS; Mary Vaughan-Sarrazin, PhD; Amy Justice, MD, PhD

Reaching Out to Older Veterans in Need: The Elko Clinic Demonstration Project
Fall 2010
Meghan Juretic, MS; ,Robert Hill, PhD, ABPP; Marilyn Luptak, PhD, MSW; Randall Rupper, MD; Byron Bair, MD;
James Floyd, ACHE; Brian Westfield,NP-C; Nancy K. Dailey, MSN, RN-BC

Impact of Rural Residence on Survival of Male Veterans Affairs Patients After Age 65
Fall 2010
Todd A. MacKenzie, PhD; Amy E. Wallace, MD, MPH; William B. Weeks, MD, MBA

Defining “Rural” for Veterans’ Health Care Planning
Fall 2010
Alan N. West, PhD; Richard E. Lee, MPH; Michael D. Shambaugh-Miller, PhD; Byron D. Bair, MD; Keith J. Mueller, PhD;
Ryan S. Lilly, MPA; Peter J. Kaboli, MD; Kara Hawthorne, MSW

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Re-conceptualizing VA access: Practice and Policy Implications
April 2012 - National Rural Health Association Annual Conference
Presented by Peter Kaboli, M.D., Mary Charlton, Ph.D., Thomas Klobucar, Ph.D.
This interactive presentation reviewed recent work on re-conceptualization of access and addressed these themes: newly published conceptual model of health care access, access-related measurement issues, patient perspective of access, how multiple health care systems and payers of care can collaborate/compete and how technology can overcome access barriers. For a copy of the presentation, please contact Lindsay Hall*.

National Rural Health Day, "Caring for Rural Veterans"
November 17, 2011
Presented by Mary Beth Skupien, Ph.D., MS, RN, Former Director, VHA Office of Rural Health

Oral Statement of Mary Beth Skupien, PhD, Former Director, Office of Rural Health
June 20, 2011
Before the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Health United States House of Representatives

Poster - The Department of Veterans Affairs Collaboration with Rural Community Health Centers Project
May 2011
Allen Berkowitz, PhD, Susan B. Walter, MSW, Hilda Heady, MSW, ACSW, Veronica Jackson

Office of Rural Health, Advisory Committee of Women Veterans
April 14, 2011
Presented by Mary Beth Skupien, Ph.D., MS, RN, Former Director, VHA Office of Rural Health

Presentation to the Advisory Committee on Geriatrics and Gerontology 
April 14, 2011
Presented by Mary Beth Skupien, Ph.D., MS, RN, Former Director, VHA Office of Rural Health

Presentation to the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans
March 30, 2011
Presented by Serena Chu, Ph.D., Program Analyst, VHA Office of Rural Health, in Washington DC

Rural Health Telehealth
November 2, 2010 - Presented to AMSUS Conference, VA Plenary Preliminary Program
Presented by Mary Beth Skupien, Ph.D., MS, RN, Former Director, VHA Office of Rural Health, in Phoenix, AZ

An Overview of the Office of Rural Health
October 26, 2010 - Presented to the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans
Presented by Mary Beth Skupien, Ph.D., MS, RN, Former Director, VHA Office of Rural Health, in Washington, DC

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ORH Project Final Reports

Building Blocks for Cultural Integration in the Development and Establishment of Rural VA Telemental Health Clinics for Native Veterans
August 2011

This document presents a short overview, suggestions and tips for setting up, operating and maintaining Telemental Health (TMH) Clinics, in the form of live interactive videoconferencing, for rural Native Veterans located on American Indian lands or reservations, Alaska Native Corporations and communities, and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander lands and communities.

Collaboration with Rural Community Health Centers VISN 5, Task 4: Final Report
June 2011
Prepared by the National Association of Community Health Centers and Atlas Research

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Other Publications

Serving Those Who Have Served: Educational Needs of Health Care Providers Working with Military Members, Veterans, and their Families
December 2011
Dean G. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Connie L. Best, Ph.D., Daniel W. Smith, Ph.D., Harold Kudler, M.D., Vickey Cornelison-Grant

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